My Personal View on Prayer




Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep;

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the lord my soul to take.

I grew up in a religious family. We were even sent to a school being run by nuns. At some point in my life I dream to become a nun, So that I can served God. When I was a little girl we were taught how to pray, That four quoted prayer is one of the first prayer I have learned besides Angel of God. Overly, We recited the Holy Rosary every day without fail. Due to that, I have learned to memorize novenas, prayer books and pamphlets.

Prayer is not about closing your eyes, folding your hands, kneeling and saying repetitive prayers for hours. We need to pray fervently. Praying is our means of communicating with God. It is a vital necessity in building relationship with him.

I talk to God as if he is there physically before me. I pray whenever I feel like talking to him, I pray whenever I’m on the road, when I’m alone, When I’m in the crowd. Always remember what Jesus Christ taught us “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be open to you”

But I don’t advice you to ask outright during the time of needs, trials and tribulations. Thank him first and worship him before asking. There are different forms of prayer such as petitionary prayer, prayers of supplication, thanksgiving, and worship/praise. We pray with different purposes and intentions some pray for worshiping, requesting, guidance, assistance, repentance, healing and confessing sins.

Everyone can cite their own experiences. My experiences in Life and the challenges I’ve receive were larger than anyone can imagine. Those experiences deepened my faith in God. It seems to me that he is protecting us during those times of peril.

Most often people lose heart when they receive no as answer. They feel that their pleas were not answered. Hopelessness sets in, and they begin to doubt and question God.”Is there really God? Why he doesn’t answer my prayers? Now to answer your question “Yes, there is God“. And now to understand him more clearly, All we need to know is how God answered our prayers. God’s response are yes, wait awhile and no. Yes, if the favor you are asking is meant to happen or take place in that moment. wait awhile if, it is not yet time. It must be in God’s time and not ours. Lastly No if it is not meant to be. Undoubtedly God hears and answers our prayers, So there are no unanswered prayers. The truth is we are just too blind to see.

In fact those things that you see as unanswered have a special purpose or reason. God orchestrated everything. He wants you to learn from that experience. Everything is planned, The only way we can turn that plan around is by praying fervently and seeking God’s will. If you still didn’t receive an answer think of a reason why your prayer doesn’t get result. maybe you are lacking faith, time with god, you might have an unconfessed sins, your request isn’t pleasing to his will or your motives might affect you and make you become boastful, selfish or it will just merely feed your carnal pleasure. Don’t feel God has abandoned you. Gods love is unconditional.

This is the issue I wanna take to light. Praying is not about begging, it is about believing. It has been the playground for the hopeless and it has an overwhelming evidence that prayers are answered. Although it leaves innumerable questions to atheist and alike. But if you pray earnestly, and wait patiently with considerable confidence. Your prayers or request will be granted and it will banishes your doubt. God will prove you that he is totally real.

I encourage you to pray frequently and pour your heart in it. Don’t blame God if your prayers wasn’t granted. Only God knows what is best for us. He knows what we desire at this very moment will be strikingly different as time goes by. Pray and believe, Miracles can really happen. It happen to me and it can happen to you.