Walking in The Rain

Some people spend their rainy days indoor watching, eating or cuddling their love ones while some frantically run to escape the downpour. Most of us don’t realize the benefits of walking under the rain. Recent studies found out that this is a different approach in life to relieve stress and depression. It is much easier to understand now why  some people were driven to stroll under the rain because of the benefits it can give us.

Everyone would agree with me that one of the best thing to do when your tears won’t stop falling down is to walk under the rain. The mere fact that it can hide the flood of tears waiting to fall down from your eyes… I remember I have to walk couple of times under the rain and the feeling of being ordinary becomes extraordinary. Once you stepped under the rain the whole damn lotta things will just went away. You feel like you are freeing your soul and you will lose track of time. It gives me the sense of peace while the raindrops rushes down my face. It is amazing to think that nature is providing comfort which is nearly impossible but it feels that way once you are under the rain.

There’s a lot of myth that goes with walking under the rain.. they say that whenever the rainfalls, heaven opens hmmph…  sounds interesting, It serves as  starting point  for us to try or not to try it.. The CHOICE is yours.  For me they are nothing but an old wives tale..However, to the lonely hearts  it is a source of an answer. They were drawn to strange belief that their wishes might be granted. I know full well that everything happens for a reason. Our destiny is written…All the things that we are going through are part of God’s plan. however painful it is we must learn to accept it..

I have my share of walking under the rain but I prefer not to make a wish during my walks  but if you like you can try it  just tell me if your wishes come to play 🙂