Advantages and Disadvantages of Motherhood

Motherhood is a very challenging task, within the first nine months her life changes. She passed a stage wherein she have many feelings draw together, she becomes irritable, depress etc. After birth a… Continue reading

Detecting if your guy is a player

Players are a type of boys who will fill your mind with sweet nothings, letting you fall for their trap. Mostly this boys are capable of doing it to anyone who can’t discern… Continue reading

The Green Eye Monster

  Jealousy can plague any type of relationship. It is an emotion that could stem from feeling of fear of losing someone or something valuable to us, it can also be a cause… Continue reading

Sitting Increase Death Risk

I have read the bad effects of sitting for long hours and it captures my interest to share it. I think all of us have done that similar thing, sitting or lounging in… Continue reading

Women approaching men are soo disgusting…

I don’t lose count of how many women who will try to do everything just to get a man’s attention. They really disgust me. Sometimes you will even see those women who are… Continue reading

Reuniting with your Ex: Worth a TRY

You might be both taken a new partner in life but if you can’t forget your ex it’s always worth a try to entertain the idea of reuniting once again. It will be… Continue reading