STOP Mulesing, Elephant Abuse and Gavage-Based Foie Gras


Foie Gras means “Fatty liver” is known as one of the world’s best culinary experience and known as an expensive cuisine. It is made of the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened. Foie gras is a popular and well-known delicacy in french cuisine and other European countries, but nowadays it is available in United States of America. There are two major producers in United States i.e  Sonoma Foie Gras in Sonoma, California, and Hudson Valley in New York.

Gavage-based foie gras production is controversial due to the force feeding procedure and its effect. there are countries and other jurisdictions have laws against force feeding or the sale of foie gras due to how it is traditionally produced.

Animal rights and welfare groups such as PETA, Viva and Humane Society of the United States argued that this delicacy should not be patronize by retailers and consumers because it is inhumane and it constitute cruelty to animals. They state that Duck and geese are abused for delicacies. This pitiful creatures are force-fed with enormous amount of grain and fat. They used funnel fitted with a long tube (20–30 cm long), which forces the feed into the animal’s esophagus. It will make their liver swell to more than its normal size. The bird will then have a punctured throat, and may suffer internal bleeding.

There are countries that banned its production such as Turkey and Israel. The city of Chicago, United States of America has banned it from 2006-2008.


The Mulesing is named after John WH Mules, who develop the said practice. This is a surgical task  that involves the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech buttocks of the sheep, This practice is extremely cruel and at the same time bloody. Australian Farmers specifically bred Merino’s sheep to have wrinkly skin and more production of wool per animal. Farmers believe that mulesing is still the most effective way in keeping the flystrike ( myiasis) away. Thousands of sheep in Australia were inflicted. The overload of sheep wool can cause the sheep to collapse and die of heat exhaustion. It is really sickening.

Animal rights activist considered this as unnecessary. They believe that they should use another alternative or methods. Even the biggest American Fashion retailer like Abercrombie & Fitch Co. and Liz Clairborne banned the use of Merino wool.


Elephants have been the highlights of every circus. They are trained to show their aptitude and intelligence, But this poor animals are just doing  the tricks because they feared to be punished. This animals were mistreated and abuse by their trainers if they are not performing various tricks for the audience. They were electro-shocked as babies, whip, beaten, prodded. they were tied up in chain while being kept in a pen,  tent stalls and transportation boxes. The captivity can trigger animal outburst of anger and most of the times leads to injuring or killing people, because they panic and can easily be frightened.

Animal Welfare and Animal right wants this animal to be treated in a humane manner.

In my own perspective this animals have an equal rights as we do. They  deserve a better condition of living. My stance will be to support the active groups that aims to help this animals. Everyone can do something to help. Let us spread the knowledge to everyone. So that this heartless owners will stop hurting this poor animals in a horrific ways and make  them come to their senses, To stop the animal abuse or cruelty.