The Green Eye Monster


Jealousy can plague any type of relationship. It is an emotion that could stem from feeling of fear of losing someone or something valuable to us, it can also be a cause of hurt or betrayal.

In some cases, your partner think that you will cheat and will eventually will run off with someone or you are eyeeing someone too. So, you must always consider your partners emotion. Solving this sorts of insecurities isn’t easy but you can handle it if you want to work it out with your partner. For some, They think that their partners green eye monster is not founded on reality, but you have to consider their emotion. We are living in a world were monogamy is hard to find.

To avoid this from happening, Setting a clear parameter in your relationship is needed, Never give your partner a reason to be jealous, try to build a sense of trust by showing that you can be trusted. Avoid anything that will create misunderstanding and insecurity. Jealousy is okie but when this behavior becomes violent then it isn’t acceptable at all.

Mostly people think when they are in a verge of breaking up that jealousy isn’t manageable and it can’t be resolve anymore, They think wrong, when a partner knows how to reassure you it can be worked out. You must realize that you shouldn’t think that you are being controlled or intimidated when your partner is jealous. No one is manipulating you in your relationship if you will just know how to listen and adjust. You must remember that in every relationship there is a need for cooperation and understanding each feelings and needs, and this must also be met.

For me jealousy is a sign that a person value you and your relationship. Add in the fact that your partner truly loves you and never want to lose you, its the only logical explanation I can think of why there are partners who are jealous.