The Prisoner

A man wake up sobbing from sleep. He tries to drag himself out of his bed but everytime he tried he slipped because his body is to weak.. after several tries he manage to get up, When he finally made it, He slowly move his numb feet heading to the rusty iron bars and gently clutching it.. The man uttered in a low but distinct toned of voice” aaah it looks cold outside”…He didn’t even know that years have passed him by, that he missed several thingies in his life…He never even know what the world look outside that place.. That place we called PRISON.

mjeah you’re right he is a prisoner, A prisoner without justice, A prisoner wherein he was convicted of the crime he never did. He was there to stay and suffer inside that confined place, without love and understanding from the world outside.

Mjeah he was alone, alone because no one will understand or even care.He was wrongly judge…I dare say “WE” are all prisoners, in a different sense. We all feel cold and alone at times wanting love, justice and understanding. Are there people who wants to listen? or there are so many people who judge us and imprisoned us? How many of us wants to be free? how many of us cried themselves to sleep inside that confined place? How many of us seek justice but will never be given? How many of us have surrendered and given up the fight? and most of all how many of us will die inside that cold cell when we reach the bottoming point?