Heat of Passion Injuries

Lo and behold people, it is not just health benefits and pleasure that you can reap from sexing, you can have injuries as well. hmmph sounds not fun to those who love to do this. Mostly people who are injured are not seeking medical care because of fear of embarrassment, but you don’t know that we are protecting your privacy.

In USA, the percentage of people who had been injured or affected after or during the bout of passion is unknown, but Brits have shown a detailed report about it. 18 million Britons have suffered either of this i.e pulled muscles, back injuries, carpet burns, cricked neck, bashed elbows or ankles, bruised shoulders, twisted knees, sprained ankles and even bent back fingers. They hardly notice it because they were overcome by passion.

About 5 % of this had to take time off from work because of their injuries, while the 2 % had broken bones. Mostly this people had sex in the riskiest places such as couch/sofa, stairs, car, shower, chairs, kitchen tables, lavatory, office or work cupboard. Sounds a bit puzzling how they do it. well, It only proves that people loves to experiment nowadays and try different things. Anyway, There are still cases that even bedroom is a hazardous place.

There are other types of  sex injuries. Possibly, you can have a wound in the head, fingernail marks, suction marks, bite wounds, detumesence of penis, penile fracture, injured testicle, extensive pneumoperitoneum, it could happened during cunnilingusbreakage of the front wall of the vagina it occurs if the woman put her legs in her partner shoulder, breakage of vaginal vault, occurs if  the woman are to short and the partner have a long manhood.

Those who are doing it from behind should fear doing it by now, It can cause your partner health problems and can also make your woman invalid. Other injuries you can get from that are anal injuries swelling, this is very dangerous because it will weakened your anal muscles and will cause you fecal incontinence another one is anal tissue breakage it occurs if the woman is unwilling or the guy is too fast in penetration.

Next time before the heat of passion takes you over be sure to remove things or objects that can cause you harm. Be aware of what you are doing. Be careful not to fall in the shower, avoid bashing your girlfriends in doors or beds to avoid fractured bones, Try and seek a position suitable for both of you and most especially don’t hesitate to see a doctor once you have an injury.

Well to be honest I never been in this situation since I’m raised differently by my parents, and I hold different views, so prolly it will take me awhile before I marry and experience any of this injuries, but I would like to speak in behalf of all the medical staffs that you should not be afraid to come and see us once you have an injury. We are willing to help you and like I said earlier, we will protect your privacy.