Can We Trust Our Gut Feeling?

Intuition is a gut feeling or the ability to know something you don’t even know but you feel instinctively that it is going to happen. Intuition is hard to unravel and it doesn’t use any reason or analysis. It ignites the interest and are discussed in both psychology and spirituality. Mostly women intuition are active than men. It has a level of correctness and it can draw better conclusion.

But how do we know if our intuition is right or wrong?

Unfortunately nobody can answer  if your intuition is a mere guesswork. Only time will tell. Nonetheless, Most of us still believe that our intuition is right.  In my case, I feel the same.

I’m personally sensitive to my own thoughts and feeling. I have this keen sense of observing people by collecting bits and pieces. That makes my  intuition often useful. I tried once guessing my friend using my own hunches. That time my “guts” are really impossible to ignore. I tried to confront him though I feel so unsure. I found the best way of extracting information out of him by pointing out that he already told me. Interestingly, My clairsentience or clear sensing actually doesn’t lead me astray. After all, I rarely miss 😀

Moreover, If  you are considering your intuition and you want to allow your mind to draw conclusion. You must figure out the degree to which you may trust your intuition. If your intuition says that particular person did it and he/ she displays signs that he or she is doing it, then your hunches could be right.On the other hand we can’t say it is absolute. Some people believe that intuition convince people to look for confirmation of their “illusionary thinking.

Therefore in some extent its implication could be damaging. So, we must used our intuition wisely to arrived with rationality. We need to note that it will be difficult for us to dismiss false intuition once it is created in our mind.