Taking Water During Exams Improves Grades

Students are whining and complaining when exams are fast approaching because it makes us feel squashed and pressured. For us this is the most roughest time.  Even if you have a burning desire to learn there are times that our mind isn’t in the peak of absorptive stage and everything we put in just streamed out of our heads.

The retention of the material in our head is impossible in one day, but there are different methods you can use in studying to achieve better results, I suggest that you go back to your lectures everyday, so that you will not cram during the big day, Do not memorize instead understand the material so it will retain in your memory. Some people use to have study partners so that they can recite, but for me I think this isn’t convenient. I think you should do it by yourself.

Our environment can also affects our studies. Therefore, find the most comfortable place to study. Some of our lessons requires hands-on too,  but unfortunately some schools fail to provide it. They lack “mass” or physical object to show how thingies can work. One example I can cite is that some schools simply talk about building websites but they have no computers to provide each students which is really sad.

Last Wednesday a study presented at a psychology conference in London by 2 universities such as University of East London and the University of Westminster is surely one of the most helpful tips students are waiting for. They suggest that students who bring water to drink during exams may improve their grades, presumably by keeping themselves hydrated.

Dr Chris Pawson, school Leader in Learning and Teaching and a senior lecturer within the School of Psychology at the University of East London, told the media, “The results imply that the simple act of bringing water into an exam was linked to an improvement in students’ grades.” He also stress that consuming water may calm student and reduce anxiety and of course increase our performance level in school.

Now, I hope that learning could be easier and so much fun for everyone.