Lookism: what an ugly truth!

All discriminatory behavior of an individual involves exclusion or rejection.This is one of the sentiments and grievances felt by the victims. There are a lot of talented and productive people who have been victimized by discrimination and prejudice. This lookism is a discrimination based on appearance. It is not a widespread term and seldom known to some, but this is taking place in all parts of the world. Over the course of reading this you will agree with me that it is happening nowadays.Perhaps you have experience it too.

Lookism has received scholarly attention both from a cultural studies and in economic perspective. Study finds significant difference in the income of the attractive and the non-attractive. The increase or decreased in productivity of workers can also be attributed to one’s beauty or ugliness. The company who are hiring people tend to restrict or exclude members of one group from opportunities that are available to other groups who are considered attractive.

A lawsuit was filed for Abercrombie and Fitch in 2005 , The applicants  and employees charge them for discrimination. This company is only giving desirable position for the ‘white‘ which appears that they are really discriminating races. They overly emphasize on “look policy” as a key to get a good position.Settlement requires them to pay $50 million, less attorneys’ fees and costs to those who charge them.They were also ask to institutionalize a new policy in accepting and promoting their workforce to prevent discrimination.

Lookism doesn’t just happened in a workplace, it can occur in school, fast food chains or everywhere. In fast food chain black skinned people were complaining about  practices of  this food chains such as unfair pricing, waiting longer than those of white-skinned or simply being refused to be served.

Technically physical appearance was attached to the race of a particular person. The impact of media brought a lot of people to look at the superficial rather than what this person can contribute in the society. This also creates a low self-esteem to the victim of lookism.If they do not mirror themselves the way society base beauty, they will believe that they are unsightly for others. We must not established beauty based on physical outlook such as white skin, blond hair or blue eyes.

I wanted to inform all of you that beauty is not skin-deep. It doesn’t matter if your face is not in youtube or all over the magazine being seen by millions of people, what matter is who you are. If you despise other people because you see them that they are prettier or uglier than you, wouldn’t that make you an ugly person? I believe that beauty comes from within. A true beautiful person seek harmony, not to fight or judge anyone. They see that everyone is beautiful in their own rights. Remember that symbol of perfection can not be apply to anyone, for every one of us is imperfect.