Sitting Increase Death Risk

I have read the bad effects of sitting for long hours and it captures my interest to share it. I think all of us have done that similar thing, sitting or lounging in our couch for more than 6 hours. This information I acquire can help us change our bad habits.

Probably most of you didn’t know that sitting for more than 6 hours a day could lead us to a shorter life span. Studies says that even if you work out we are still at risk, Therefore even if you exercise you are still at risk. They said that 37 percent of women who sits more than 6 hours are likely to have shorter life span over a 13 period than those women who didn’t. While in men 17% are at risk than those who didn’t.

Sitting is proven to be more dangerous especially for those who didn’t even work out. Therefore every one of us should take time to exercise and do not prolonged our sitting, it’s a bad habit. Now after knowing all this, I am convince not to waste my 6 hours sitting. How about you would you still sit for more than 6 hours straight?