Should We Frown Tattoo and Piercing in Workplace?

Before I start, I want to emphasize I’m not judging, criticizing or discriminating anyone with tattoo. Although I personally believe that pleasing appearance dictate a competent and trust worthy persona.So,having tattoo esp in women are not pleasing to see even for aesthetic purposes,most of the time it appears to me whenever I see women with tattoo as dumb or not groomed or unclean but to be fair I know we have highly skilled or professional people who are modded.

I’m bringing up this topic to let you know that having tat or piercings surrounds legal issues too. In some workplace tattoo and piercing are not accepted because they are protecting their image. In fact many company made a policy that prohibits exposure of tat and piercing. They even ask their employee to cover or remove it esp. it is sexual and offensive in nature.

It is not a big deal and it is actually fine that you have tat or piercing but it really depends in the line of your work, for instance you are a doctor, nurse, teacher or lawyer and you have visible tattoo you must cover it up and don’t let it peek out when you’re at work just to be on the safe side of course.

If you notice people will give you a dirty look or treat you with apprehension making you double your effort to show them that you are smart and a good person.

Bleak as it may sound,I believe that everyone is free to express themselves. If they see that personal modification such as tattoo and piercing are artsy or form of beauty or masculinity as long as they are lenient in covering up their visible or fairly large tat when they are at their workplace.

I think in general more and more professional jobs are opening up the idea and embracing people with tatt and piercing in their workforce.

Let me know what you think. Are you tattooed? Do you think that tattoo should be allowed in a professional or corporate setting?