Give Shelter To The Homeless

It was a clear day in one of the world’s richest country. I saw a very frail man sitting on the bench at the train station. I frequently pause and look at him, wondering if he is waiting for someone. Its been hours and hours as all the trains passed him by, but he never bother to stand for a ride.

Unfortunately this man is just an example of a homeless in America. Some estimate that there are about 100 million homeless people around the world. The significant increase of homeless can be of account to any of this circumstances i.e unemployment, poverty, lack of affordable health care, war or conflict , mental disorder, disability , lack of affordable housing and substance abuse.

We can’t always blame the government. We need to rationalize things. Despite the government, non government organizations, homeless ministries and religious organizations of every countries  have taken measures to alleviate or even eradicate homelessness. The disturbing truth is, some  homeless people remain homeless due of their own choice.

This people who decide to become homeless is far worst than the other who are struggling to survive.They are seemingly contented from the help that they can get from the government and kind-hearted people. whereas the other try to seek other means to make money such as busking in the streets wherein we can see them playing music , drawing or showcasing  talent in exchange for some donations. while others go begging or panhandling but this is illegal in some states or countries.

In addition, mostly a divorce hobo or bum are avoiding paying higher taxes or alimony for their kids so they’d rather choose to stay homeless, while others are having hard time managing their lives because of substance abuse. Their family generally abandoned them, because they can’t extend them help anymore.

The living conditions of this people is really  not a pleasing sight to see. Humiliation, rejection and health risk are everyday realities for them. Let us not stereotype them. Instead let us get involve. This is not just a problem of the government, It is a social problem and it can definitely impede the growth of your country. If you are blessed and can find means to help. Let us not take them for granted.

I remember someone ask me before ” Are you saving the world? You can’t do it alone!” well he must be right, But I know that I need to do something.  I decided to put my thoughts into writings so that it will reach everyone and send my message across. I do believe we all have an obligation to save the world and make it a better place to live in. I need you to help me.