Women approaching men are soo disgusting…

I don’t lose count of how many women who will try to do everything just to get a man’s attention. They really disgust me. Sometimes you will even see those women who are already in a relationship or facing motherhood without a stable partner are still capable of hitting on guys. Well its a free society of course they can do that, But I just like to state my view regarding this.

I’ve pooled together my opinions on girls who approached men, it isn’t because this women are confident enough so they can approached men and be forward but I think they have thick-faced and a disease that whenever they see guys they can’t stop themselves from approaching and flirting whether subtly or vulgar.

If I’m a guy I’d rather feel disgusted and turn off rather than insecure or intimidated by this type of women. because those type of desperate women will not stop that kind of behavior and inevitably they flirt with anyone they will come across and sooner they will cheat. eughh

Just basic common sense if she become your girl, she will still be spending her time going to bars, and going up to every man in that bar out of the blue whenever she feels she is interested or she had no one to talk too, oophs sounds disturbing.

The question is, why do you have to come with an opposite sex when there are plenty of women in the room? If u are not there for flirting, Or you really flirt with all the men you meet? well, some women even in a relationship can say it straightforward that they love flirting and to see if the guys will flirt back, it boost their confidence that they are admired or the guy seems to be interested in them. They even share it with their boyfriend that particular guy is trying to make a move on ’em and they both laugh about it, so careful guys. Their men might be thinking that you are drooling over their cheap chicks 😛

Actually, I do have some sympathy to this way of thinking because it tells me that women nowadays are losing their morals, approaching and initiating contact with men is a wrong thingie to do regardless of the motives or reasons esp when you are in a bar. At the first place, what are this women doing in bars if they are decent?!

Anyways it is still nicey because mostly the same level will meet the same level, A person with higher morals wouldn’t go for such thingies. It’s great that men immediately shove u aside or put u on the back burner whenever they see an easy or aggressive girl, At least u know that u need to discard those type of men.

I don’t have statistic of how many men still use their brains, but I believe there are still men who use it. prolly u haven’t meet them yet.