Detecting if your guy is a player

Players are a type of boys who will fill your mind with sweet nothings, letting you fall for their trap. Mostly this boys are capable of doing it to anyone who can’t discern what is a player. if your guy exhibits 3 or more signs of this, he is an absolute player.

so lets start counting down some cool signs

1. They like to flirt and when you caught them they can tell you that they are naturally flirty. They will tell you that they  flirt with all their friends too and it means “nothing” for them.. for this boys flirting is harmless and acting it is different. awh sounds awful!

2. A boy who is a player can be easily detected if he likes to chat. In chatting there are several thingies that they could talk about. They could end up inviting each other out.

3. Enjoys the company of women. They like to go places where there are plenty of women to be seen. They like to go to parties, bars, pubs, and clubs. They can even bare themselves in front of them and if they have a gf they will allow her to bare too, they believe that ” You can look all you want but no touching” so gross!

4. Adding all the women they met on the bars, pubs, clubs, streets etc (as in anywhere) in their Social networking sites jeje, they are thinking that they couldn’t miss that opportunity to put u in their list, so somehow they can connect with you.

5. Getting women’s numbers they are thinking that they might be of used someday =P so getting their number is another way.

6. Try to peep in their FB’s or other social networking sites, You can see mostly interacting with them are women. They comment, like non-stop, they look so desperate fighting for one piece of meat =P

7. Mailing women – sending them messages with the same content. Oh noes! it’s a copy paste :D.. Oh well lets give some of them a credit others make an effort, Others try to research what you like and try to send you links, videos, etc

8. Some do not send messages but they used their walls in their social networking sites to get your attention, if they see you like the topic or their post, lets say science or humor ;P They will rain their wall with it so they can see u there commenting or liking.. Or they will go into your wall and reply to your very nonsense and useless post and flirt with you there. disgusting

9. Lying to multiple women and doing the exact thingie for each one of them, They are making you think you are number 1. ain’t it shit!

10. They commented on every piccie of every girl who are a hottie for “their eyes only” or whateverish and say they love u after that. Shame on you!

11. And last but not the least, They will play your emotions. They will tell you they love you but who knows how many women they have said it too. For them its a word without meaning.

I don’t think its wrong if a man is the initiator of contact what I’m saying is that acting like a player and playing every women’s heart is another story. Boys should grow up and be a man enough, WE have better intelligence than animals and we can control our instincts so being promiscuous have no room for reasons.

The fact is we can weed out this BS boys or even try to change ’em b/c they are a lot out there, all we have to do is guard our hearts. If your stupid enough and you let your guard down then the pain would be inexpressible 😥