How far would you go for a social networking sites?

Social networking sites users have grown in numbers considerably, Some used it to connect to their peers  while some used it irresponsibly. It makes me think that if there are some advantages in using this, there are also some disadvantages that can be link with this thingies. I personally have seen many users have passed the standard of decency. There pictures or thingies they upload or shared to others become more and more offensive and disagreeable in nature. Some people think that they are doing it for art sake, like they are some model of sorts, although they weren’t professional, They just walk in studios and ask for photographers to take a snapshots of them or they are just hobbyist who happened to know few people who share the same thingie. This people call themselves “model”. Here you may raise several questions, this men or women felt like they are “models” and will satisfy the demand of being one.

I do know that the word indecent still remains subjective in nature because we all have diverse background, culture and beliefs of what is decent and what is not, therefore our views greatly varies on this subject. Some will feel it’s perfectly fine to undress in front of other people and be taken piccie and they are proud to upload and share it to their social networking sites. But yours truly think its disgusting.

what I have in mind in this issue is no decent women will pose nakie and will be proud to upload herself in any networking sites, They will be reluctant to do it. Being artistic in my views means you are capable of knowing what is acceptable and what isn’t. There are deeper-seated issues regarding this matter.

It is no surprise that mostly people who did this are lacking of shame and self-respect. because it will take a great act of will for you to take your clothes off in front of other people and a thicker face to upload it to any social networking sites.

I personally think a good person whether a hobbyist of photography or model wannabes or even the professionals should know how to regulate themselves for the expense of their viewers so that we can stop the profusion of pornography and any obscene materials in the web. Since we all know that social sites can be readily access by children. Be responsible and act wisely.

and for those people who patronize this kinds of junks, I’m so sorry for you, it just defines you have no quality or taste  🙂