Advantages and Disadvantages of Motherhood

Motherhood is a very challenging task, within the first nine months her life changes. She passed a stage wherein she have many feelings draw together, she becomes irritable, depress etc. After birth a biggest transition in her life is waiting to unfold. she will take a different role in her life, and she have to take it seriously. Although we know that mothers aren’t perfect, but they have to find ways to become a good mom even if not the best.

child rearing is not even simple even in our modern times, They often have sleepless nights watching their little ones, Their primary concern here is to monitor and safeguard their own child. It is widely believe that there are several disadvantages of motherhood, One of which is if she is a single mom or a teenage mom. Its will be hard for her to do the parenting alone, They should let the father do it too. They should both make an arrangement so that they can fulfill their obligation to the child.

Another disadvantage are giving up their work which will hurt them financially, raising their standard of living will be hard with one parent working alone, losing sleep, struggling time for themselves, neglecting themselves and their husband is another disadvantage. however if there are disadvantages there are advantages too.

Being a mother is a gift, it marks a woman’s completeness. She juggles with multiple task and acts as a comforter, a guidance counselor, a friend, a disciplinarian to a child which is a priceless feeling. Although raising a child presents enormous challenges to any mother. She gives unconditional love.

Mothers have to choose whether to continue their career or not. Stopping her career for pregnancy is said to be a thought-through choice, Some continues to work and handle home at the same time, They will need a good time management to help them spare quality time with their kids even though they are working. while some mother have to give up or sacrifice their career. So that they can be with their children during formative years and watch their every milestones.

Decision of staying home can affect his husband and child greatly. But she have done it so that she can make more intense interaction with her child and she will not miss the opportunities to watch her child grow up. Also, She needs to instill behaviors that her child requires or will be needing as she goes along in life.

Being a mother doesn’t end when your child reach eighteen, motherhood is a lifelong responsibility.