I’m a health care provider, license first aider, writer, blogger and an academic tutor. I’m a proud believer of God. I would not be where I am today, if  it wasn’t for him. I’ve gotten off the path so many times but he always lead me the way. I am one of those people who hate drama but it always finds me. I can be very strong but I have my moments too where I just break down. I’m very self-conscious, deep thinker, emotional, jealous, possessive, and very sensitive. I’m ugly and not special either.

I’m told that I am extremely hard to please and get to know. Maybe that’s because I do not trust easily and I’m not talkative… but when an interesting subject is breach I tend to ramble and talk too much. I am extremely honest and critical to a fault, Sometimes I didn’t even know that I hurt them with my honesty. I value my morals, although a lot of people see me having an antiquated views, but I don’t mind. I don’t party, go to bars, pubs or clubs, drink, smoke or do anything stupid that other women tend to indulge in.

I’ve let my work drive dictate my life and I never regret it. My schedule is really insane. I work until I almost passed out. I don’t usually laugh at jokes, It needs to be a witty humor. I like to keep thingies in private unless I consider you as my lifelong friend, then I could bare my soul to you. Times of solitude and silence are no strangers to me, They are my friend. I prefer to write, meals out with my fam, and stay home.

I get my motivation in life from people I met and situations I’m in. I have passion for music and I’m completely in love with God, my family and friends. I hate pretentious people, empty and foolish talks. I take care of my own business and I don’t nose around to anyone. I respect others views and I deserve to be respected as well. I try not to judge people unless you push my button. If you wanna judge me go right ahead. Just get the whole story before you make your final decision.

for all my valued readers, I’m thankful that even though I’m extremely busy I still have a chance to connect to all of  you. I will give it a shot and impart my ideas, beliefs, opinions, reviews, ratings to all of you. Ideally I will try to be neutral and transparent with everything that I will write, before I share my own conclusion regarding any issues that I will tackle. I will try to update it with recent interesting topics. If you want to share your thoughts or discuss anything I’ll gladly appreciate it. Your thoughts are highly encourage, acknowledge and appreciated. You can leave comments and I will try my very best to get back to you.