An Elixir of Good Health

Urine therapy (also known as urotherapy, urinotherapy or uropathy) consist of two types of application i.e internal application (drinking) and external ( washing and or massaging). Human urines can be used in various… Continue reading

Walking in The Rain

Some people spend their rainy days indoor watching, eating or cuddling their love ones while some frantically run to escape the downpour. Most of us don’t realize the benefits of walking under the… Continue reading

A Dangerous Devotion

Most parents look after their children’s welfare, they are willing to risk everything just to see their children’s well being. What if the primary caretaker (mother or caregivers) abuse the child by deliberately… Continue reading

Sibling Sweeping Undocumented

I have discussed sibling rivalry from my previous post. Now, I wanted to highlight this type of relationship between sibling where one sibling compete while the other rejects the idea and intention to… Continue reading

Most Prettiest and Sexiest Victoria Secret Angels

Alessandra Ambrosio This Brazilian born beauty Alessandra Ambrosia lands number one in my list. Ambrosia was brought to public attention because of her Victoria’s Angel status. She is often being cited by the… Continue reading

Isolated Patients Receive Substandard Care

This is a medical protocol where we segregate people with contagious diseases (communicable or transmissible) to prevent the spread of this diseases which can be transmitted through contact or by airborne inhalation. This… Continue reading