Women’s Behavior Is Affected During Ovulation

Women all over the world changes their behavior during ovulation. Much to everyone surprise the way we dress or even the way we talk can be influence by ovulation.Women have a tendency to… Continue reading

Until We meet Again………

You might notice from my previous post where I have mention about my condition, from day-to-day I started to feel that I need to rest. Now my condition is starting to become grievous… Continue reading

Church of Body Modification Stirs Controversy

This non theistic religion called Church of Body Modification have gained criticism rather than praise especially after a student was caught violating a school rules and regulations with a nose piercing. The family… Continue reading

Hic Hic….”Cover Mouth”

You showed up somewhere or dine with your friends or colleagues and you didn’t know what to expect. Out of the clear blue some incident that you will feel embarrass is about to… Continue reading

Oh noes.. I’m Bored Need Somethin’ Interesting

Its really tiriing when you have to work real hard almost from sun up to sundown, but though you are tired people whom you’d help gives you the inspiration and gets you going.… Continue reading

Most Beautiful Bond Girls

Hey folks, This is my own list of Beautiful Bond girls. Well I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you do not see your pick here, sorry to… Continue reading