Seven Last Words: A Lenten Reflections

These are the last phrases that our Savior Jesus Christ uttered before he died on the cross. I will try to give some explanation, so that you can used it for reflection during… Continue reading

Reply To My Atheist Friend

I found it painful, why do we have to argue with this matter, I said I’m just sharing my ideas here. I don’t wanna be label defensive on my views, but it is… Continue reading

The Catholic Church Pedophilia Scandal Continues To Grow.

Pope John Paul Declared in 2003 “There is no place in the priesthood and religious life for those who would harm the young” I started with that quote that Pope John Paul used… Continue reading

Misconception of Atheist

I often get criticism and correction by my atheist friends because of my religion. I’m sure everyone who have an atheist friend had experience the same thing as I do. I would say… Continue reading

COHABITATION is it really the way to know your partner?

I got an impression that cohabitation is now becoming a worldwide trend. More and more people are practicing this for different reasons. However, many people are divided about whether or not cohabitation should… Continue reading

Save The Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the earth’s most intelligent animals, They are seemingly social creatures, and they naturally possess the most sophisticated sonar, which enable the navy to train them to detect mines and… Continue reading