Taking Water During Exams Improves Grades

Students are whining and complaining when exams are fast approaching because it makes us feel squashed and pressured. For us this is the most roughest time.  Even if you have a burning desire… Continue reading

How far would you go for a social networking sites?

Social networking sites users have grown in numbers considerably, Some used it to connect to their peers  while some used it irresponsibly. It makes me think that if there are some advantages in… Continue reading

The Prisoner

A man wake up sobbing from sleep. He tries to drag himself out of his bed but everytime he tried he slipped because his body is to weak.. after several tries he manage… Continue reading

Can We Trust Our Gut Feeling?

Intuition is a gut feeling or the ability to know something you don’t even know but you feel instinctively that it is going to happen. Intuition is hard to unravel and it doesn’t… Continue reading

Music should help us Relax

  Music is a part of our day to day lives. I’m a music lover, like most of you. I do enjoy listening to earsplitting sounds. Well a year ago, I was told… Continue reading

Palmistry: Truth Or Hoax?

I clearly remember an incident in my life, where I’m teaching a  bunch of kids on a volunteered work and the homosexual who is with us, who is also conducting a free lesson… Continue reading