I ♥ Yawning, Who doesn’t?

hmmmph I know you wanna yawn. okie hold it a sec are you sure you are not being rude to me… Aaah nah, go right ahead. don’t be ashamed I won’t be looking,… Continue reading

Perfectionism Beats You

Where does perfectionism comes in? Everyone of us has a goal in life and we want to achieve it. Sometimes we try to impose excessive demand and become so critical to ourselves because… Continue reading

Social Leprosy

Late one night, I was browsing and I was shock when I go through one article . The writer wrote about the signs to watch for social leper. They are shaping our view… Continue reading

World Suicide Prevention Day

Losing someone is not that easy. Many of us are left wondering, why can someone take their own lives. Suicide may have seem to be a taboo, yet it is really a major… Continue reading

Road Rage Prevention

There are several thingies that awaits us whenever we are on the road. One of the most talk about is Road rage which is a criminal offense. An individual who commit this crime… Continue reading

Can We Stop This ᵝ&!!$^#©

Nowadays, If we take it collectively, the evidence of people using profane languages (which are commonly known to others as- curse, pejorative language, swearing, expletive, bad word, dirty word, cussing, strong language, irreverent… Continue reading