Music should help us Relax


Music is a part of our day to day lives. I’m a music lover, like most of you. I do enjoy listening to earsplitting sounds. Well a year ago, I was told by my doctor to lessen listening to those stuff, so my migraine will not occur often. Music as she said should have a calming effect. It should send you to sleep and eases your mind.

Music are used for some therapy to help other people cope with stress. I tried to listen to the music she recommended me. She even gave me something to listen too. At first I’m hesitant and think its boring since some of the song were really oldies but then I realize after listening to this music that it would really make you feel at ease. I want you to try it.

Here are some of it. Enjoy listening.

The first time I heard this song is when I’m about to leave for another country. My dad sang this song over and over.. perhaps that makes me change my mind. It did make me stay. 😀

Spinner I don’t want to lose you

I heard this song from my mama well honestly its included in the song list that was given to me by my doctor. There is a version of Roberta Flack of this song and its heartwarming.

Celine Dion The First Time Ever I saw Your Face

This song means alot to me. I really cry everytime I hear this song. I just think you’ll understand when you listen to the song.

well this song is good for my life.. jeje I think it really fits me. As what Carole king said “If I could only work this life out my way  I’d rather spend it being close to you But you’re so far away”.

Carole King So far Away

This song is really good. I played it once in piano. I think you’ll surely like this one too.

Beverly Craven Promise me

If you hear this song, You’ll definitely be in love.I think Dan made a great songs like Believe in me, Make love stay and leader of the band.

Dan Fogelberg Longer Than

I like Chicago saying “Now being with you, take a lot of getting used to, should learn to live with it. But I don’t want to, Being without you is all a big mistake. instead of getting easier. It’s the hardest thing to take. I’m addicted to you babe”.

Chicago Hard habit To Break

This is an easy listening song. You’ll like the piano and the song is really touchy.

Roberta Flack The Closer I get To You

“Oh love… don’t let me be the last to know.. if its true then tell me so, I wanna hear it come from you..oh love.Don’t let me the last to find that you are gone.. no longer mine don’t let me be the last to know”. whoaa very sad isn’t it? Well I want to be the first one to know.

Nolans Don’t let me Be The Last To Know

I felt like singing  when I hear this song..”You’re only just a dreamboat. Sailing in my head.You swim my secret oceans Of coral blue and red. Your smell is incense burning.Your touch is silken yet. It reaches through my skin. And moving from within It clutches at my breast… but its only when I sleep See you in my dreams. They also have a good song called “what can I do”

The Corrs Only When I Sleep

There is really something in this song that really hit me. I love to listen to this song again and again.

Norah Jones Don’t Know why I didn’t Come

I like this song.. She also have a nice songs like There you’ll be and this kiss.

Faith Hill Breathe

This girl has a lot of good songs too such as from this moment on and you’ve got away.

Shania Twain You’re Still The One

This girl has a lot of meaningful songs. I think listening to her songs will send you to sleep. I love her deep voice.

Sarah McLahlan In The Arms Of An Angel

This songs is good for me..Who oo am I, what and why Cos all I have left is my memories of yesterday..Ohh these sour times..Cuz nobody loves me Its true
Not like you do.

Portishead Sour Times

I played it last night, well this gurl sure have tons of good songs like First cut is the deepest and If it makes you happy. .. Enjoy. This is a cool song. “Lie to me promise, I believe.. Lie to me but please don’t leave 😦

Sheryl Crow  Are You Strong Enough To be My Man

This is a theme song from great expectation.

Mono Life In Mono

This girl got a great voice.. sounds angelic. I really like her songs.

Dido Thank You

Something really in this song. Hope you like it.

Cranberries Ode To My Family

“I know just what you’re saying ..So please stop explaining,Don’t tell me cause it hurts (no, no, no)  Don’t speak .I know what you’re thinking .I don’t need your reasons. Don’t tell me cause it hurts”. Nicey song rightie? well but their band is dismantled.

I want to hold the hand inside you..I want to take a breath that’s true.I look to you and I see nothing. I look to you to see the truth. Good song 🙂

Mazzy Star Fade Into You

“And nobody does it better..Though sometimes I wish someone could.Nobody does it quite the way you do.Why’d you have to be so good?” nice lyrics isn’t it?

Carly Simon Nobody Does It Better

Tonight your mine completely.. You give your love so sweetly. but there s a huge question.. will you still love me tomorrow? Nice song..

Carly Simon Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

They say this girl have some similarity with me.. Hmmph they say its the eyes.. well you have to see me irl to agree or disagree..

Natalie Imbruglia Torn

Love song last longer than lover ever do, so baby let me sing a love song for you.. Love song don’t leave you but lovers often do 😦 soo sad

Bonnie Tyler If I Sing You A Love Song

I’ll share two song from this girl. I think you’ll like it both.

Shakira One

Shakira Underneath Your Clothes

if you’re gone ..maybe its time to come home.there’s an awful lot of breathing room but i can hardly move. if you’re gone baby you need to come home

Matchbox 20 When your gone

this band is great I pretty like many of their songs. Here is one song from them

Heart Alone

Nice song.. it is sending me to bed.. jeje

Diana Krall The look of Love

“What if God is one of us.. just a slob like one of us”.

Joan Osborne One of Us

there are  alot of songs I wanna share to you but I’m running out of time and I have to go. I’ll see you next time . I’ll leave you now..

Jann Arden Insensitive

Evanescence My Immortal