Palmistry: Truth Or Hoax?

I clearly remember an incident in my life, where I’m teaching a  bunch of kids on a volunteered work and the homosexual who is with us, who is also conducting a free lesson began telling us about his story. Everyone turn and listen to him. He claimed that he died and came back to life and after that he begin to see and can read the future of people by reading their palms.

Everyone was convinced and started handing their hands.. I think everyone got an answer after he read their future. their faces can’t get rid the feeling of satisfaction. No suspicion of a foul play. huh! No doubt, I also grew interested but I wouldn’t wanna get near him. Meanwhile, he stare at me and started telling me “are you afraid to have your palm reading? later, I was convinced to have it read but I know not how.

Although there was a lot of hesitation before he started reading my palm and I also felt so uneasy because it seems there was something wrong. He began to reach out while sitting quietly and staring down in my hand..he paused for a looong time. Eventually he begun talking about stuff. I thought he was joking but he appears to be serious. Suddenly, he begin to break the silence by stating ” The lines in your hands are a lot, You must have a heck of experience in your life”.

I was really surprise with what he said well coz I really have a lot of lines in my palm and u will really go cahrazy seeing ’em. after a while he followed it up with ” Your gonna die soon”. I can’t hold myself steady after hearing that and yet I said gently.. all right when, where and how?” because I’m curious and I really wanna know. With a quick glance he said. “I dunno, but you will.”

Honestly at first it didn’t matter but every time something so grievous come into my life It haunted me day and night and I was really trouble with such thought and his voice came to my head from time to time, but it gradually fades off every time I survive a tragic event in my life. Faith kept me back awhile. I think I have the greatest faith in God that keeps me alive.

I can’t say that people who believe in palmistry are packed of cahrazy fools…But I have learned the remarkable fact.. that nothing beats the power of God. Such I have long known that nobody can tell our fate and destiny… only God Knows for sure.