Women’s Behavior Is Affected During Ovulation

Women all over the world changes their behavior during ovulation. Much to everyone surprise the way we dress or even the way we talk can be influence by ovulation.Women have a tendency to become more flirtatious, have more frequent sexual fantasies, and may prefer hyper-masculine men. They may also choose a more revealing clothes and show more skins and buy shoes and accessories when they are at their most fertile state. Apparently, researches believe that fashion choices doesn’t necessarily wants to attract men but to out-compete women. However other researchers believe that they want to look good to the men they are flirting.

It is also believe that a ovulating women sway their hips more while walking and ovulating women are more interested in going to social gatherings. Insofar women prefer men with deeper voices and are more chiseled. During ovulation women can likely cheat especially if they were not satisfied or happy with their relationship. They might find other men who defy masculinity.

Fertile women have a better chance of getting the men they want. A research show that men’s testosterone level which are linked to sexual interest are higher when they smell the shirt of an ovulating women. This could start a spark and lead to a more romantic encounter.

We are actually unaware of our behavior but now that I inform you, you might wanna resist that kind of sway. Give the best reason in support of one action versus another action. Always choose what is moral.