Until We meet Again………

You might notice from my previous post where I have mention about my condition, from day-to-day I started to feel that I need to rest. Now my condition is starting to become grievous so I have to leave you for a while but I promise to be back. I will not lose Pointersviewpoint don’t worry. After I find its significance which I can use as a better tool to connect with all of you. Now, I’m still finding a reason that everything will turn out better so that we can be together again. I want to be here but it impossible atm.

I know baring my thoughts really affects people’s lives. My sincerest thanks to those people who constantly read my post. I’m touch to receive mails after mails from you my valued readers. I know some of you might like what I’ve written while some of you might hate it. In the meantime I want to tell you  That I’ll miss you guys.
pray for me…until we meet again.

Here are some Classic Rock Ballad that you might wanna listen while I’m away.

Timo Tolki and Sharon Del Adel Are You The One

Radiohead Thinking About You

Extreme More Than Words

Mr Big To Be With You

Steelheart Heartbreak Station

Firehouse Love of a Lifetime

Skid Row I Remember You

Danger Danger I Still Think About You

Guns N’ Roses Patience

Nirvana The Man Who Sold The World

Metallica Nothing Else Matters

Tesla Lovesong

Faith No More Easy

Warrant Blindfaith

Cinderella Heartbreak Station

Red Hot Chili Peppers Under the bridge

Soul Asylum Runaway Train

Def Leppard Two Steps behind

Alias More Than Words Can Say

Damn Yankees High Enough

Bad English When I See You Smile

Axel Rudi Pell broken Heart

Anathema One Last Goodbye

Opeth Time of Need

Poison Until You Suffer Some ( fire and Ice)

Cheaptrick The Flame

Alice Cooper I Never Cry

Okie, wondering why my parents keep on listening to this music hmmph then suddenly I’m hook and I realize there are a lot of bands that makes music but there are no good lyrics. In this collection of songs you will see that the whole band pour their heart and soul in it.

One more 😉 just one.. tis is for me.. jaja the band wrote it for me ( I’m obviously jk) well, it is my name too coz my parents gave me a long name * sigh*

L.A Guns Ballad of Jayne