Church of Body Modification Stirs Controversy

This non theistic religion called Church of Body Modification have gained criticism rather than praise especially after a student was caught violating a school rules and regulations with a nose piercing. The family argued that their right was indeed violated.

From my own perspective, I have nothing against people with tattoo or piercing but I would say we should know rules. When and where it is applicable and allowable to wear a tatt or piercing. for instance, we know for a fact that some school doesn’t allow such thingies. for this reason, don’t get into that school so it will not stir any controversy. It is definitely an issue if you do not know how to follow dress code or school rules.

firstly, We need to think what if the students are really doing it for fashion sense, which will really affects the standard of the school. Then The student need to conform because they are subject for disciplinary actions.

We must not blame school officials from implementing their policy, They are just ensuring that their school rules and system is strictly followed. If in case student’s expression are indicative of violating their rules and system they  have the need to otherwise discipline the students. It is a part of their job and their just doing it.