Oh noes.. I’m Bored Need Somethin’ Interesting

Its really tiriing when you have to work real hard almost from sun up to sundown, but though you are tired people whom you’d help gives you the inspiration and gets you going. they makes me more dedicated with my work. But when your sick eughh things is different, you stay home and couldn’t do much thingies. However I still try to go to work for  two days even I’m sick but then I realize I mustn’t do that b/c patients might catch the cold I have. Well being a healthcare provider I should considered my patient as my top priority. Although I know they’ll miss me when I’m not around and some oldies really wanna see me and wouldn’t eat until they see me. Those thingies really really touches my heart. It’s one of the reason why I can’t give up this job  for another 😀 that pays huge amount. I think happiness lies in what you can do for others. Well I know its kinda getting borriiing for you reading my unsual boring story. So before you hate me, I found you something very interesting. Well since I couldn’t do anything today. I started browsing the net and find this. It makes me laugh and relax. Here it is. Its a collection of piccies from cutesy animals. Then we’ll prolly get down to business when I’m okie.