I ♥ Yawning, Who doesn’t?

hmmmph I know you wanna yawn. okie hold it a sec are you sure you are not being rude to me… Aaah nah, go right ahead. don’t be ashamed I won’t be looking, anyways I’m encouraging it. You can read back right after you yawn cuz yours truly is yawning too while writing jajaja. Now enuff, We have to get down and work our brains because I know after you yawn it will perk you up just like coffee 😉

Now feelin’ any better?

Yawning is contagious. When we see other person yawn we replicate the action itself, sometimes just even thinking about it triggers us to yawn. But what is exactly yawning and why are we yawning? Yawning is universal okie and even animals yawn too. Yawning has earned bad rap. Many people associate it as a sign of boredom, stress, rudeness, fatigue and sleepiness. Those are just some stigma attached to yawning. For this reason, many of us are afraid to be caught yawning.

On the other hand, yawning is not a sign of wanting to sleep but the fact is whenever we yawn we draw a large quantity of air which enable our brain to cool down so that we can stay awake and function properly. In several studies being conducted we are yawning because of oxygen shortage in our bloodstream or lungs.Yawning can also occur when there is excess of carbon dioxide.

Yawning has a lot of benefits. It helps bring more oxygen in our blood and take out the carbon dioxide in our blood. Yawning can last up to 60 seconds. It increases our mental efficiency, stabilize pressure on either side of the eardrum during take off and landing. Yawning help reduce the effect of jet lag. According to Lind Kyle “Yawning really does help reset your internal clock.” Yawning can also increase blood pressure and heart rate. It exercise your facial muscles and jaw.

Furthermore when we yawn our dopamine levels rise.This in turn activates oxytocin or pleasure and relationship bonding chemicals. Through yawning our brain, eyes, kidneys, liver, and even men’s sexuality receives varying degrees of benefits. surprisingly it helps men with erectile dysfunction. Moreover, yawning has been used for many decades in voice therapy as an effective means for reducing performance anxiety and hypertension in the throat.

In contrast other studies suggest that yawning is a symptom of multiple sclerosis and other medical condition. They also said that oxygen level in our blood do not inhibit yawning. However it remains unclear and haven’t been proven yet. Finnish government also funded a brain scanning to show that yawn contagion is unconscious. It does not affect the brain circuitry “mirror-neuron system” for consciously analyzing and mimicking other people.

I personally believe that if yawning has alot of benefits, there is nothing wrong if we induce it.I hope we’ll not take this for granted so let us all yawn and have a good day!

Yawn now and don’t cover with you hands, Your so cutesy with that 😉