Perfectionism Beats You

Where does perfectionism comes in?

Everyone of us has a goal in life and we want to achieve it. Sometimes we try to impose excessive demand and become so critical to ourselves because we want to attain it. Hence,We know that our  life entails more than just success but adversaries as well. High achievers will go through hell just to reach those desire. But what if those goals are beyond your reach? Then those setbacks will damage your self-esteem and turn to become an obstacle.

Perfectionist may initially be identified as a person with high expectation. They want to be free from fault. In most circumstances their life is assessed by their own standard. They are concerned with many actions because they strive for excellence and fear humiliation. but of course such views ruin their life. Self gain interest and selfishness is prompted in search of perfection. Their poor personality trait can’t handle criticism too.

Perfectionism tends to have two components: a positive and the negative. The positive side is when a person set high standard for themselves while the negative side is when the person puts too much pressure and doubts himself. High achievers are known to pay too much attention in detail. This is not to deny that over the course of their life they want a satisfactory response and once they fall short they feel they are a complete failure. Episodes of hopelessness, frustration, feeling of inadequacy takes in.

It must be realized, individuals with the perfectionist attitude is at risk of developing IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This syndrome causes inflammation that will lead to ulceration and inflammation of the bowel, It can cause severe vomiting ad rectal bleeding. Researchers also suspect a high level of anxiety, stress and depression with high achievers that might increase rate of death. Perfectionist can cope with this. The answer lies in acceptance, no more no less. if they will learn to feel better about themselves and stop putting pressure or beat themselves up whenever they fail or make mistakes.