Social Leprosy

Late one night, I was browsing and I was shock when I go through one article . The writer wrote about the signs to watch for social leper. They are shaping our view without further analysis for this kind of people. In that article they have discuss the signs of social lepers. They state that when you are looking for a social leper you should watch out for their eyebrows, it is shave and lined or drawn with pencil, they identify themselves with colors, have stuffed animals in their rooms, shelves are full of romantic novels, celebrity posters, excessive collection, running a fan club, writes fan fiction, makes collages, have cats like about 3 or have a cat and bird. I personally don’t have to agree with what they say. There are no such thingie that we could associate with social lepers. If you happened to see European women, you can see their brows have been shave and yet they are social butterflies. They are liberated and open-minded. You can see them most of the time in gigs and in the bars mingling and meeting up with friends. If we talk about colors anyone can like a certain colors and they may still be socially active. Having stuff animals can not prove that a person doesn’t want socialization. shelves that have a lot of romantic novels might mean a person is romantic or a bookworm reader, again there is no connection. If a person runs a fan club or a writes fan fiction it definitely means that the person is fanatic and not social leper, being fanatic they can meet a lot of people and socialize so it’s no way associated with being a leper. while making collages means a person is artistic. There are no important clues for social lepers. We can’t use that as a measure or gauge. With that kind of article I think it will greatly affect our ability to understand social lepers. We can misinterpret them and obviously will inflict panic or scare.

Social lepers are drained with socializing yet they are like you, living a normal life. They can be teachers, doctors or nurses. They are shy and they feel awkward to have a free-for all talks. they geared for a more intimate or one-on-one interaction. They would unlikely engage in a stranger conversation. They might appear unapproachable and inflexible because they seem to have high standard. They are highly idealistic and values oriented. Social lepers wouldn’t normally join the crowd but happy watching them. They do not feel the need to be other-pleasing. They reject the idea of going out and they have loads of issues and reason so your effort will fail when you invite them out because they prioritize important and productive thingies rather than going out and hanging out in bars or clubs. Sometimes it goes with what they think they thought that if they become socially active and pursue such things they might be a revel or other people will think that they are doing wrong. Social lepers might also have an apologetic attitude they often say “sorry” because they think that other people might be offended or they might drive them away.they may also feel that they could solicit negative reaction and impression to other people that they might come into contact with.

The honest truth is, we are lacking compassion to appreciate and understand the social lepers. Most people distant themselves from them because of a wrong connotation. They fear that any relationship wouldn’t work with this people. Actually we are putting pressure to this people to conform with what society dictates. There is nothing wrong with being social leper, unless his/her unhappiness becomes chronic and she/he becomes vulnerable to rejection and hurt by other people because she fail to conform and they might consider him/her as an outcast. the valid reflection here is you never know what is underneath this people. Social lepers are just like you. They try to fight being alone so we need to stop shoving it down their throats. We have to throw that garbage ideas about them and stop saying things for no reason. We should always think that there are people who are surrounded with people and yet they feel alone. this makes the rest of us the same.