World Suicide Prevention Day

Losing someone is not that easy. Many of us are left wondering, why can someone take their own lives. Suicide may have seem to be a taboo, yet it is really a major problem in our society. In spite that it is happening around the globe few countries have put concern and priorities with this.

September 10th is declared as a World Suicide Prevention Day it aims to promote a global commitment and action to prevent suicide. Several groups, media and organizations like WHO ( World Health Organization) and IAS ( International Suicide Prevention) works hand in hand to spread and inform us about the facts and immediate things we need to know about suicide ideation. According to WHO (World Health Organization), nearly 3,000 people commit suicide daily and for every person who attempt to end their lives one of them dies.

Suicide has a higher rate among young people and present in both industrialized and developing nation. In fact, It has affected many people lives. In Europe and America alcohol and depression are the major contributing factor of high suicide rate.while in Asia impulsiveness is the common reason. there are so many deaths cause by suicide. We need to raise awareness and shed some light. We must not keep in silence. If we talk about it we can save lives.

Moreover, people who are at risk of contemplating suicide are trying to escape a situation and dying is their only way out. This people maybe suffering from depression, schizophrenia and mood disorders. Their attempts can be triggered by substance abuse or alcohol abuse because this people have poor coping methods. An attempt to end their lives means they are looking for attention and urgent help. Don’t ignore them instead always spot the sign so we could reach out and help them. People who exhibit a sense of purposeless, anger, anxiety, shame, rejection, hurt, feeling of trapped, unwanted, unloved, victimized, or they feel that they are a burden to others can fuel this action. Withdrawing from their friends, family and society are other signs that you should watch out.

Many of us are hesitating to raise this subject, because we are assuming that if we talk about it, we’ll put it into their heads or give them the said idea. But that is a wrong notion, expert says that it will reduce their feeling of wanting to end their lives and make them feel that someone care for them. If possible be available when the person needs you. Never break their trust. People with suicidal tendency needs an adequate treatment and follow-up care. Restricting access to common means like firearms and toxic substances can also help in lowering the rate of their suicidal tendency.

Oftentimes, The people who was left to grief by their love ones due to untimely death (suicide) may feel guilty that they should have done something in order to prevent that thing from happening. Suicide is preventable so listen to them and don’t be judgmental.

If this is you or you notice someone who have suicidal tendency better take an action. If there is any support group like family friends counselors contact them. Remember if someone intent to die and you weren’t able to stop it no matter how hard you tried. Do not blame yourself for someone else choice.