Road Rage Prevention

There are several thingies that awaits us whenever we are on the road. One of the most talk about is Road rage which is a criminal offense. An individual who commit this crime are commonly prosecuted by assault and battery but in case someone dies the assailant can be charge with vehicular homicide. This incident frequently happen on the road and it is traumatizing to those who have experience it.

There are so many aggressive drivers who will cut you off the lane (tailgate), fail to yield the right of way etc. The motorist or road rage instigators may use a rude gesture i.e ( “the finger,” and “mean face”) or may threaten ( verbal abuse, verbal insults) you. Their behavior can quickly spark a confrontation and if you become enrage and make a wrong move you might provoke them to use their weapon and/or firearms. Road rage can lead to altercation assaults, collision which result in injuries or death.

If you think that you are being followed by the instigator start driving near the police station or public places. Too many lives are devastated every day by this drunk drivers and this must be stop to prevent further damage. Hence, for those who are a victim of road rage a proper medical and legal care must be given to them.

If the motorist will become more responsible there will be a big chance that we can reduce this conflict. If you are facing this kind of scenario never retaliate and keep yourself calm. Retaliation will make the situation become worst. Always be courteous and polite, say sorry when you make mistake. It is always important to keep this things in mind otherwise you could find yourself in trouble later on.

Remember our main concern when we are on the road is our safety and our “life.” Never go behind those wheels if you disregard human life. We may be busy but it is not a reason to put life at stake.

Keep your head cool