Can We Stop This ᵝ&!!$^#©

Nowadays, If we take it collectively, the evidence of people using profane languages (which are commonly known to others as- curse, pejorative language, swearing, expletive, bad word, dirty word, cussing, strong language, irreverent language, obscene and/or indecent language, choice words, blasphemy language, foul language, and bad or adult language) is really overwhelming. The common reason why people used this is to show that they are upset, disgust or mad while in some cases they used it as an expression of surprise, joy or  excitement but this expression, gesture or other social behavior is commonly interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar desecrating or showing disrespect which leaves us to an obvious answer, that public utterance of profane languages can become a source of disagreement, dispute or misunderstanding.

Profanity might have been taught to reduce anger but we must rather forget about it coz it is not a good language that you can get to used everyday. We must be paying close attention to ourselves, this words are contagious and we can influence other people especially the younger generation. Throwing this words even out of anger can’t help us. Instead it will instigate and lead to a series of uttering of this kind of words.

I would confess that I do not utter this thingies irl life. But surprisingly, I used this when I’m talking to my friends in the internet.  This is my means or outlet to show them that I’m pretty upset which is really wrong and I admit it.  Oldies like parents can start getting involve in conversation and try to have different techniques and/or approach wherein they can try to eliminate or atleast reduce the usage of this terms of their children. If they will not correct them at the formative stage It will soon begin to bite them.

More importantly even if our parents and elders wants to help us. I think teamwork is needed so that it will work. I think it should come from ourselves. You need to show sense of responsibility and effort to prevent yourself from uttering this words and have every hope that you will succeed in eliminating the use of profane languages.