A Dangerous Devotion

Most parents look after their children’s welfare, they are willing to risk everything just to see their children’s well being. What if the primary caretaker (mother or caregivers) abuse the child by deliberately making another person believe that the child is sick. This amounts to serious thinking. I want to explore this Munchausen Proxy (MSP) or this mental illness wherein a certain individual fabricates, exaggerates or even induce an illness or symptoms. They may also report fictitious episodes that doctors and health care professionals are clueless that they are misleading them. They are also working on to have the child undergo painful and risky test. Medical professionals will embrace the idea because the parents appears to be caring, concern and attentive to their child. They will never suspect that a parent or caregiver would deliberately hurt a child under their care. Therefore doctors may advise different medication, hospitalize the child to perform surgery and determine the cause, making this as one of the most harmful form of child abuse.

People with Munchausen Proxy or MSP have an inner need to see that a child under their care is sick or injured. It is named after Baron Von Munchausen an 18th century German dignitary known for telling outlandish stories. The reason why people with Munchausen proxy do it is to gain attention, earn praise from their devotion and sympathy from doctors and nurses. However expert says that this people are not just satisfied with attention gained but their ability that they can deceive, fool or manipulate the doctors. There are many reported cases that the perpetrator were females. They are about 98% and commonly their victim’s age ranges from preschool up to 16 years old. It is also belief that this people have knowledge about medical profession so they can easily fool the doctors.

We ( health care professionals) should be worried and careful about this issue especially it concerns innocent lives. It may be hard to believe that recently more and more people are doing stuff like this. When I witness a similar incident that happened in the hospital where I’m working. I was devastated, knowing how this lil angels had to suffered in the hands of their own family. But the good thing was, We ( The health care providers) refuse to believe anything that the mother of the child is injecting. We try to run our own observation and analysis and figure out that the child is not sick and the mother is suffering from the said mental illness.