Most Prettiest and Sexiest Victoria Secret Angels

Alessandra Ambrosio

This Brazilian born beauty Alessandra Ambrosia lands number one in my list. Ambrosia was brought to public attention because of her Victoria’s Angel status. She is often being cited by the popular media as one of the world’s sexiest women.  She was chosen as one of People  magazine’s annual “100 Most Beautiful People in the World. Ambrosio is among the world’s top-earning models. I personally like her  bedroom eyes and it will surely make a man weak. I like her lips too, Her lips are not typical in models she doesn’t have that pouting lips  that looks like it has been punched or has been injected with silicone jajaja

Fernada Tavares

You wouldn’t believe that she makes it in top 2  but she is definitely worth it. I prefer to choose her over Miranda kerr, well Miranda kerr have a massive bulky face. This Brazilian Hottie is very pretty and her eyebrows looks so  natural.

Gisele Bundchen

Definitely this will not be a good list if Gisele wouldn’t make it in the list. Gisele is not just beauty but she is beauty with a heart by acting as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nation Environment Programme. Gisele main features is her slender ooujeah long legs and a very sexy face.

Heidi Klum

omgesh I know some of you contradicts me, you would prolly say that Heidi should be on the top spot. but hey, Heidi is sexy but not so beautiful compare with those women above her. Actually I want to put Stephanie Seymour in this spot but she is an oldie and some of you would contest.

Laeticia Casta

She is appeared over 100 magazine. Laeticia has that innocent yet sexy face. Her body frame is not typical in a modeling world. She is curvacious and that is what most men love about her.

Bar Rafaeli

She is an israeli model and I think she looks awesome, so I put her in my list.

Karolína Kurková

Damn, when you see someone as cutesy as this gurl I this I guess your eyes will popped and your jaw will drop. She is a Czech model and she deserves her spot .

Tyra Banks

I actually wanna put her in a higher spot bcoz she definitely got what it takes to be number one, but I guess there will be no excitement 🙂 Tyra with no further adieu she is one of the faces you will truly love. I prefer to choose her over Selvita Banks

Marissa Miller

Unfortunately she doesn’t land that high but she is very pretty and endowed hmmph well whether it is done or not it still catches men’ s attention.

Adriana Lima

Having an exotic look with a perfect tan skin lands her this position.Lima is a Brazilian model. I’m pretty impress with her attitude. Lima does Charitable work for orphans. Thumbs up!

Daniela Peštová

Another Czech made it to my list, she is definitely gorgeous and a nice body structure.