Isolated Patients Receive Substandard Care

This is a medical protocol where we segregate people with contagious diseases (communicable or transmissible) to prevent the spread of this diseases which can be transmitted through contact or by airborne inhalation. This method is the oldest medical tool for patient with viral illness ( e.g Clostridium difficile colitis or C.difficile, HIV, Tuberculosis or TB) and in recent years has gained considerable degree of attention. The medical personnel like nurses, doctors and even visitors should wear special equipment ( e.g fitting gowns, mask and gloves) whenever they enter the isolation room. They need to protect other patient from acquiring the diseases from the isolated patient.

We all have an opinion of the issue, The myriad of intersecting concerns might divide us. In fact in many discourse purist claim that it doesn’t accomplish our goals and according to the new research, patients who are isolated didn’t receive the same standard care compare with the non isolated patients. They also stress that isolated patient experience falls, pressure ulcers and fluid electrolyte imbalance which is preventable. In many respect patients’ with grievous condition which are kept in strict isolation that have a minimal contact with health care and visitors might feel terribly anxious and lonely.

However, If there are numerous controversy that surrounds isolation, a brief understanding of our work would enable people to think that we are unfair and unjust. The main idea why we are isolating patient is for the benefit of the masses. We must take into account wider effect if we will not isolate them. How much worse, If this diseases could spread and more people will be affected. I think you could even agree with me.

But I do hope that all hospitals will start looking at this important issue and consider improving their system or policy by giving equal standard care for the isolated patient regardless of their condition.