Walking Barefoot

During the olden times it is a norm to see people walking barefoot since shoes and slippers weren’t invented. But Nowadays if you walk barefoot, it is likely to be frowned upon and receive a negative impression like low class, or even crazee. However there are people who are dedicated in walking barefoot and they know the positive effect of doing so, They are called “Society of Barefoot.”

Last week a friend of my brother pay us a visit and told us about the health benefits of walking barefoot. after I begun reading about it, I couldn’t put it down. It is nice to know that in the realm of work stress, we can find something like this that will help us relax. Walking barefoot is an easy thing to do and yet you’ll reap tons of health benefits.

If you notice when you are walking barefoot during summer it gives a cooling effect in your body esp. if you walks on the morning grass, leaves or logs in the garden. It can make you feel one with nature. In traditional exercise like Tai chi walking barefoot can help you absorb chi. It can rejuvenate your mind and boost your energy level.

Walking barefoot is beneficial to musculoskeletal structure of our feet and ankles. It helps people suffering with flat feet and gives a barefooter a stronger tone foot muscles. It also helps the leg muscles pumps blood back to the heart which become beneficial to those who are suffering from varicose veins.

It is also proven that people who walk barefoot when they are young encountered much less foot problems and lesser foot deformities compare to those feet that was covered by slippers and shoes. Walking barefoot does not only helps relax tired feet but it prevents bunions, hammer toes, calluses and other foot and bone deformities and at the same time give you greater flexor strength and agility.

In conclusion, I do not want to urge people who do not want to try this, Since I still think that there are also health risk involve on walking barefoot like it can cause strain on the arches of your feet, makes the skin of your soles become thicker and can make you become more susceptible to injury. however for those people who still wants to enjoy the benefits but can’t do it publicly then you can can try barefooting in your home in places like ( garden, carpeted areas of your house) But for those who really want to bare their feet in public places well good luck and have fun.. just avoid those doo doo 😉