We tend to compromise our health by the fact that people today live with toxic lifestyle. Failure to adopt to a healthier lifestyle manifest more and more health problems. We accumulate toxins from the food that we eat, environment and our various unhealthy habits and activities which aggravate the situation.

Now the time has come to address this problem that you do not have to spend gruesome workout in the gym. It can save you a lot of pain and fortune in the long run. Well astonishing as it seems, it is true that making love can help trim your bodies by burning calories in your body and maximizing the health benefits of a regular exercise by working your different muscle groups.

Sexercise is a new way in staying in shape while building more intimacy between partner. It is growing in popularity due to its health benefits. I heard this from a co-health care provider, and I thought I’d give it a look and share to couples out there, what I will find out. So I started thumbing down the net to see what benefits it can give couples.

Before you start this session let us talk a little ’bout it so that it will clear up any of your confusion.This sexercise was invented by Kamasutra visionary Jason Page. It can be done in solo known as Masturbation which is also considered sexercise oops! to christian folks like me do not do this please, or you’ll gonna hate yourself.. this is against our faith okie 🙂

For those couples who are married, In order to properly enjoy the benefits you must aim to do it for half an hour 3-5 times a week. It works better if you follow the recommended dose. Specialist says that half an hour session can burn up to 150-350 calories for the partner on top which is equivalent to calories burnt during a brisk walking, weightlifting and running on a treadmill. The one on the top burn more calories so better switch position so both of you can be benefitted from sexercise.

Regular Sexercise Health Benefits

* Promotes healthier skin.
* Increase blood flow in the brain and to all other organs in the body.
* Improves sleep.
* Helps you become more energetic.
* Increase sexual stamina of both partners.
* Increase heart rate and deep breathing helps improve circulation
* Sooth tension.
* strengthens emotional bond or sexual intimacy.
* Reduce cholesterol in the body by balancing the good and bad cholesterol
* longevity.
* Helps alleviate the pain cause by headache and arthritis through the release of oxytocin.
* You will have a higher level of antibodies called immunoglobin A which boost your immune system.
* Better immune system.
* Boost estrogen and testosterone in the body
* Tones your abs and other parts.
* DHEA hormone is secreted during intercourse which helps in
-> cardiovascular health and decrease heart diseases
-> function as anti-depressant
-> helps in memory problems.
-> obesity
-> stress disorders
-> defends against some cancers
-> improves blood sugar
-> reverses age accelerating effect
-> prevents osteoporosis

The next time you hit the bed alone or with your sweetie, be sure you have sexercise because this is a very effective means in maintaining overall fitness. So good luck to all couples. Yours truly prepare sexual abstinence to maintain sexual purity because I believe true love waits 😉