Mama’s Boy Have a Better Mental Health

The closeness between the mother have a contributory factor in causing homosexuality according to the psychoanalysis. However this theories have no scientific evidence. Today after several claims that points out about negativity of a son being so close to their mother comes the positivity.

A recent study presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association shows that mama’s boy or boys who have a close relationship with their mother have a better mental health than those who do not have harmonious relationship with their mother.

Close relationship gives men a sense of security which can reduce stress and promote good health. In a survey done by Carlos Santos at the Arizona State University, It shows that men who are close to their mother were more emotionally available and have better rates of mental health. He also states that father-son relationship don’t have the same effect.

In this topic I wouldn’t be sitting on the fence, I believe that too much of everything is not really good enough. I think that in a certain way being too much close with your mom especially if you are a boy would really get you off the track and as a result would demasculinize you. Sometimes boys become to dependent with their mother and would really be hard for them to get out of their comfort zone. Certainly such behaviors and expression was really shaped and influence by their mothers.

In conclusion, not everything entails a bad effect some demonstrate a good ones like what the recent studies shows. The beauty of being close to your mom can also help you become sensitive. Well a lot of men are insensitive nowadays. that women should have to tell them before they knew it. A better men should know, without being told. For that matter, I think after you read this you should start balancing everything. You must have a close relationship with both of your parents.