Animal Whisperer

Have you been wondering why your pet are acting strange? Can you understand all your pet’s needs? Can you communicate with them? Actually, I want to share you something a lil bit funny and interesting. We have a pet, that is oh soo cutesy, She is a bird and we call her by the name “toot toot” just like the sound of a train huh. She doesn’t fly although she has wings, she likes to walk so we kinda let her walk around the house. She is a free bird jajaja.

This is what is so awesome about her, she seriously follow us around the house when she can’t see anyone around, she even go inside the bedrooms. Whenever we leave the house and she is alone, she keeps on waiting. When we return home she’ll make a sound that you never hear from any other bird of her kind… just like her signature sound. Surprisingly she wasn’t train to do that.

This bird is so sweeeet. She kisses on our lips by pecking and she calls us when its time for her to sleep, eat and time to get inside her cage. I was wondering why she can mimic all our movements, if I shake my head she will do the same. I really really loooove this creature.

One time a friend told us maybe our pet is a reincarnation of our dearly departed. well of course, I do not believe in those things though I’m religious. But there is a huge question that would be left hanging in our heads, “Do animals really have souls?”. We all know that there are some religions that believe that animals possess souls especially those who believe in reincarnation. It shows a greater possibility that human can come back in a form of a pet especially in the belief of Karma.

According to Susan J. Armstrong professor of philosophy and women’s studies at Humboldt State University, She wrotes in her essay “Souls in Process a Theoretical Inquity Into Animal PSI,” That late Pope John Paul II reaffirmed that animals have the breathe of life and they are fit subjects for prayers.

Moreover, Attorney M. Jean Holmes after doing his extensive research and study about bible wrote “Do Dogs Go to heaven? Eternal Answer for Animal Lovers,” he states that animals have souls and spirits like human do.

Furthermore, I tried reading to know more about scientific views regarding this matter and I’ve seen a researchers says that our love ones might come back in the form of animals or the animal that we constantly grieve for their loss might come back again. There are many accounts that proves animal have souls, like for instance dolphins that are shielding swimmers from sharks and keeping unconscious people afloat. However the word “soul” itself is the domain of religion and it has been loooong debated. So whatever lies in the animal kingdom remains there.

But if you come across with an unusual pet like ours which I think is a rare occurrence. Well prolly you might wanna consider consulting people who are expert into this field. There are a various people who can help you analyze your pet’s behavior. This people are called pet psychic, animal communicator or animal whisperer.

This people take their role very seriously, They studied your pets behavior, diagnose and keep your pet healthy. They can tell us where those behavior rooted especially if it affects the family, this is where something enlightening emerge, so we do not have to wonder anymore.