Ideas for After Dinner Activities


Social occasions like family reunion, annual meeting with your peers and dinner dates becomes so dull whenever your done with your meal and you stare at the people walking to and fro in a resto or just plainly watch the scenery. Given the fact, that you have nothing to do, seems really boriiiiiing. So, Many people thought about activities or things to do after they eat, but oftentimes their guest or dates turn them down due to variety of interest that opposed each other. So I decided to further your idea of things you can do after you eat wherein you can get interaction with your guest or dates.

There actually over hundreds of thingies you can do but some activities are too costly. Some of you might thought about strip club, cuddling, spooning, s*x, gambling eughh cut it out! those are so cliche 🙂 as for other people it will not be an obvious choice like yours truly. Here is the list and I narrow it down. Hope it can help you relax and unwind.


-> Play simple games. Use your creativity. You can try lawn darts.
->Talk to your guest. Never open any sad issues or topics. Initiate interesting topic that would ignite hilarity and laughs.
-> Webshopping is an ideal thingie to do for besties.
->Trip down memory lane like talk about your first crush. Make sure your night will not be ruined.
-> Movies whether a tear-jerker, action pack or anything as long as it will make you feel relax.
-> A nice stroll in the park or beside the beach but never do it right after you eat.
-> Late night jacuzzi is best for lovers.
-> Drinking warm coffee or hot chocos.
-> Talk beside the fireplace ( inside the house) bonfire (outside if the weather is cold) or you can stare together at the moon or the stars( hmmph sounds romantic, good for couples or family and friends too. Be sure to bring your telescope to fire up your imagination.
-> Nice massage.
-> Sound tripping.
-> Watch sports. Play a betting game, just to make it interesting. ( bet for money or make a dare)
-> Play truth or dare and/or truth or consequence.
-> Well this must be boring to some, try broadway or see any performing arts like puppet show, stand up comedy.
-> Roadtrip after you are both tired go straight home and make a tea for both of you or you can stop at tea house or coffee house for a warm cup before you head home.
-> Other people enjoy watching live bands.


-> Eat fruits right away. It can cause your stomach to be bloated. wait for at least one hour.
-> Don’t walk right after you eat dinner. Your digestive system will not absorb the nutrients from the food, other health care provider also states that it can cause appendicitis.
-> Do not smoke. Study shows that smoking after eating makes it more risky, it is like your smoking ten times.
-> Do not offer tea because it can cause the protein in your food content to be hardened and it will be hard for your intestine to digest.
-> Don’t sleep right away after heavy meal. People who have gastro-esophageal reflux may experience a burning pain in their chest, throat or mouth that affects them especially if they lie down in bed with full stomach. Sleeping right away can also cause snoring, obesity and diabetes.
-> Don’t bathed right away it will weaken your digestive system.
-> Do not go for a swim after eating because it increase the risk of drowning but if you have light meal playing in the water is safe.
-> Do not exercise right after you eat.
-> Do not drink cold water after meal because it can change the state of the food you’ve eaten and will make your food harder to digest and can cause headache, indigestion or pain to those who have sensitive teeth.
-> Do not dance right after you eat.