The False Color of a Family

Incest is derived from the latin term incestus or incestum meaning unchaste.The derived adjective incestuous appears only in the 16th century. Incest in some societies includes only those who live in their household or who belong to the same clan or lineage, other societies consider to include blood relatives while other societies includes those related by adoption or marriages.

Incest is a sexual intercourse between close kin or relatives. Consensual adults, Incest define through marriage or affinity, Incest between an adult and child which is called Intrafamilial child sexual abuse are considered illegal and anyone who commit such crime should be punished. But marriage and sexual relationship between cousin are viewed differently in many cultures and may or may not be viewed as incest. In many countries marriage between cousin is legal.

Incestuous sexual abuse is rapidly rising but rarely openly discuss. The most reported form of incest is parental incest. The father-daughter and stepfather-stepdaughter incest is prevalent. Recently studies suggested sibling incest particularly older brothers abusing younger sister is taking place during the absence of one or both parents. Sibling incest has a higher rate of penetrative acts. Father-son incest are the least reported case in parental incest. However, We can not give an exact figure because there are still unreported and difficult to assess cases specifically incest between parents and children due to secrecy and privacy.

Sometimes victims specifically children deny that there is an abuse that takes place for various reasons. Their denial is not surprising. They are dealing and undergoing traumatic pain. We all know that children are vulnerable and dependent to their parents, so we need to understand them. They are trying to maintain an image of a nurturing family and they can not admit that their own family betray them. We need to make them talk by gaining their trust.

Children who are incestuosly victimized by adults develop childhood trauma that often cause them to have low self-esteem, difficulty in interpersonal relationship and sexual relationship. They may have sexual dysfunction and may be also at risk of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobic avoidance reactions, somatoform disorder, substance abuse, borderline personality disorder, and complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Consensual adults is a crime in most countries but rarely reported. It is a sexual activity between adult close relative. It may arise due to genetic sexual attraction. They do not have the knowledge to know that they are wrong so we better make them realize that it is not normal and natural.

Incest define through marriage or affinity. the example of this is when a widower wished to marry the deceased spouse brother or sister. This has been a long subject of debate and we all know that the bible forbids it.

I personally condemn those who incestuously victimized children. I wish them dead by now. In dealing with this issue I hope we can give strength, extend help and provide support for the sexually abused victims. It is important to let them know that they are not alone. For those adults who are engaging in consensual incest, I hope they will realize that it is morally wrong and it is soo disgusting whether you are cousin or related by marriage or adoption.

Finally, We always spend amount of time at home with our family. It is really bothering to know that things like this occurs. Experiencing abuse no matter what the nature of the abuse was, makes me think that there is no safe place at all. I think cruel environment like this should end. This children do not deserve to be abused.