Girls’ and Boys’ Night Outs

Ladies or Girls’ night out is a gender exclusive day for girls.. but who says only girls have night out… hmmph boys have night out too, but it isn’t widely known until now. Mens’ or boys’ night out is exclusively spent with their male friends. Night out is usually a day dedicated wherein they can spend time together with their friends and walk down memory lanes and strengtened their bond.

During night outs they will leave their hubby or wifey, children or their romantic partners behind. In fact, I see that there is no used for ladies and men to leave their partner behind unattended with their needs, and burdened them at the same time. Because some housewives or husbands leave their children to their hubby or wifey to babysit while they are having a good time.

I think it is better to have a family night rather than spend it with your girlfriends or boyfriends. Try and ask yourself what is your objective why you want to go out with your girlfriends or boyfriends? If your reason is to connect with your friends and broaden your network socially. Then it is unreasonable. I think that a man or a woman who acquiesces to such thingies is not a good hubby, wifey or a prospect to be one.

I believe once you get married your top priority goes to your hubby and or wifey, and your singleton should be over. But actually, there is nothing wrong if you want to unwind with your friends just choose the activities that you can do with your partner and friends. For instance, you can host a party beside your pool or your own garden. You can also invite them while you are being pampered at the saloon, fitness, health spa or you play board games or any outdoor sports with them.

Women who spend night out at bars, seems oddly enough. There are also slippery slope in that case. Sadly, drinking in a bar where male is obviously present gives them a higher level of meeting and a chance of cheating. We tend to overlook the fact, that guys who are present at that place would hope that it is their opportune to meet girls once they see a large group of them.

They will try and give your girls fidgety glances and soon enough it would be more easier to approach them, and It is scary to think if someone approach your ladies and started buying them drinks, even if it is for a friendly gesture you are not there to witness it. Indeed, it shows that your ladies is there to attract men’s attention. Same reasoning applies to men.

I believe they can spend it somewhere else where their group of friends would only be present and yet they choose to go to a bar which is irrelevant. Women and men who manifest interest in going to bars without their partners have underlying reasons. Do you think it is just a drink? It really makes me more suspicious. Well but it is practice by tons of men and women. Regardless of their reason behind doing it, I do not see that they can bond while they are drinking, if their motive was that.

Well but ideally if you are single going through college bars (bar, pubs, clubs situated near uni) would be normal to some except to yours truly. Single women went to bars typically during weekends but bar owners are giving discounted rates on drinks during weekdays so that they can invite more customers.

In the end I want to point out that everyone has a different prerogatives, mine happens to be very conservative. I think I’d rather spend time at home. Do productive and worthwhile thingies. I wouldn’t risk going to bar or pubs where unexpected things can possibly happen, I don’t drink even socially so I guess it is no used and I also do not like to see people who are wasted and hammered. Arguably, I think people who embrace the idea of spending their time with their friends at bars or pubs are highly at risk.