Sense of Humor Makes a Man Sexy

Laughter is proven cure for diseases. It helps you cope with pain and live longer, burns calories, boost immune system, reduce stress and strenghtens abdominal muscles. While, humor- its counterpart does the same.

Humour or humor is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. Sense of humor develops and matures, they can be influence by educational level, culture, beliefs and/or faith. However our cognitive declines as we age. That makes oldies lose sense of humor and can not easily comprehend or get jokes.

People of all ages experience to respond to humour. They laugh, smile, giggle, or be amused at something funny. In fact that is probably the most normal response, however some people gets annoyed, belittle, mocked, treated as stupid, and frustrated when you hit them with wrong joke because some jokes maybe distasteful to some. Therefore, Accepting humor depends upon person to person you can not teach individuals to appreciate jokes. So, we must be careful in initiating jokes esp. those awkward ones.

Some people are really shallow and they get easily amused at simple pleasures while some needs witty and intelligent forms of humor. People with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and variety of developmental disabilities sometimes are lacking of sense of humor or may have very strange sense of humor.

Time and time again we heard that women looks for a guy with a good sense of humor. Indeed, humor might have significant effect on the psyche. But not all of us have the ability to make people smile. The ability of a man to make a woman smile when she is in a sour mood can trigger women’s feeling of attraction. The women will feel that she was attended and cared for, making the women fall for the guy. Other notion that women believe is that if a men can make them smile publicly they can make them giggle in bed… hmmph those are damn right silly thinking.

Sexiness is subjective. It varies from the views of individuals. Usually any of this key elements like sense of humor, sense of style, intelligence, confidence, good looks, smile, communciation skills, right scale of sensitivity, personality, money or power can make your man win the scale.

Personally, I think what makes a man sexy is when he makes you feel extremely special. For me, It is not about being a guitar virtuoso, rock hard pecks, washboard abs or sense of humor that would be considered quite a catch. Simple fact, there is no magic formula for being sexy.

One thing more, I really believe seething sexiness comes out naturally and sense of humor is innate.