Things To Do When Boredom Kicks In

Boredom is link to emotional factors, personality traits, psychological conditions and even social problems. It is sometimes associated with routinary activities, inability to connect with specific activity or there are too many activities to be done, thus we reach to a point that we can’t choose from among our options and we tend to shut down our attention to everything. According to Agustin De la Pena, a psychologist who studies boredom, The brain is adjusting to new stimuli. It means once we see something for a few times we find it no longer interesting.

Moreover, some people who are often bored drives their boredom and indulge in the snare of destructive activities like engaging in premarital sex, gambling, alcohol, drugs overeating, overspending, smoking, vandalism. This people are of greater risk of developing anxiety, depression, and or drug/ alcohol addiction according to psychologist Stephen Vodanovich of University of West Florida. He also states that they may display behaviors like anger, aggressiveness, lack if interpersonal skills, and poor work performance.

The level of boredom varies, some of us are prone to being bored more than the others easily especially those with attention deficit disorders. But we’ve all experience to be bored at one time. I have my share of moments too when boredom kicks in.

When we are bored we lack energy, interest or enthusiam to do things and that feeling can sometimes be depressing. aah bored bored bored…This feeling is really inescapable and we need to respond to boredom in which it will be to our advantage.

Now get off your duff and fill up that empty space with loads of useful activities. Trust me on tis, Im sure ya’ll turn those monotonous and seemingly dull activities to a productive one.

Arrange your personal stuff like:

a) clothes in the closet and your shoes in the shoe rack -maybe some of it needs to be donated to the Salvation Army or some needs to be thrown away.
b) Organize the books in your bookshelves.
C) wallets and purse- segregate your personal ID’s, licenses, credit cards, business cards. You can put all the things you need there like toothbrush and tooth paste, perfume, comb etc.
d) cellphone- delete those messages, voice and video calls that have no used, sort the old contact person from a new contact person, so you have distinction who are active and least active. Remove those unnecessary applications or you can add useful applications that you can used while waiting.

Cultivate your talents:
a) write songs, poem or essay.
b) you can draw, paint or sketch.
c) practice singing or dancing

Enjoy your hobbies:
a) crochet or stitching.
b) cooking and/or baking.
c) reading books, magazines and newspapers.
d) write in your journal.
e) make a scrapbook about your trips.
f) watch educational and entertaining movies.
g) Browse the internet.
h) play games on ps4, xbox, wii or psp it can really combat boredom.
i) do magic tricks, photography

Be one with yourself:
a) meditate
b) daydream anything that will make your heart rise 🙂
c) pray
d) listen to your favorite music
e) play any instrument like guitars, drums, piano, harmonica.
f) write your diary.

Interact with other people:
a) do outreach projects.
b) get involve in your church activities.
c) volunteer to help other youth.
d) Reconnect with friends. call them, have a small reunion.
e) chat- in a non-routine conversation, people might get tired of you if you talk the same thing over and over. 😥

Play games that enhance memory:
a) chess, checkers, sudoku
b) rubix cube
c) puzzles, teasers and riddles

Involve activities:
a) Shop or window shop to those who are less fortunate 🙂
b) Jog.
c) promenade, stroll or walk in parks.
d) play with your pets.
e) babysit. You will earn while looking after your neighbors kids.
f) play outdoor sports like tennis, basketball, skateboard, sky diving, fishing, biking, swimming etc
g) visit amusement parks, art gallery

If all else fails and boredom still creeps in…sleep and cuddle someone you love 😉