Managing Independence…Should I Move Out

I belong to a close knit family. Letting me and my siblings go is really hard for our parents. Actually my parents do not push me away to live alone or move out. They are used seeing me around and so am I. I think most people would say, “oh you are at the right age and you should move out”. But my parents do not see it that way.

I will give you general information why I didn’t move out. My parents help me get things done without making me become to clingy. I know they love me and by staying with them, they can protect and watch over me. Most parents like my own are afraid of taking a risk and lose their child or even allow them to make mistakes and suffer the consequences later, which is normal to a good parents. I would say my parents flexibility without being too permissive is the fine line that they are imposing in disciplining us.

Besides, I know how to manage my own time and handle my own finances. I think living with my family makes me become more closer to them. It also helps me become considerate and helpful. I think instead of paying for a unit or flat, I can contribute by paying some of the utility bills at home.

They say that parents involvement should have an ending, but my parents said to me that their responsibilities to “us” their children will never end. I think that is what all parents should think. It is not when your children reach the age of 18, you want them to live on their own. They still need you and your guidance. Although I do not see anything wrong encouraging your children to become independent.

Reason why teens move out :

* They are tired of adult supervisions.
* They want to be independent and/or live alone.
* They want to exercise their freedom in all aspect. ( emotionally, physically and psychologically) because some parents cut off many of their priviledges whenever they make mistakes.
* They need a stronger sense of privacy and responsibilities, without their parents meddling in their life.
* Some wants to enjoy their peer company or go out with whomever they want and spend more night outs. ( which I think some get way out of hand)
* They want to act out their desire because most of the time they can not do things that they want and it feels quite frustrating for them.
* They hate restrictions and/or limits at home.
* They want to prove that they are matured and can handle things by themselves.
* Some wants to go to other people house and sleep overnight, mostly women crash men’s house ( Ooh Jesus Christ!)

To all the teens who are planning of moving out, Think twice and if you made up your mind and decide to go. I wish you good luck, choose your battle carefully and win it ;). Before you are off alone I want to let you know no matter how mature you are, you still doesn’t have the judgment to know situations that will be good for you. I think our parental supervision is still necessary, so we always need to listen to them because parents knows best.