In Love Age Doesn’t Matter

I was out earlier dining and suddenly something caught my attention, a couple that keeps on showing public display of affection. A girl about the age of 20’s and the guy about 30 years her senior. The seemingly massive age difference makes other people think that it was horrible one and duh, so did I. If you are there to witness it, I think it will be really hard for you to imagine why a younger individual seek a much older individual to be their partner. To explore this kind of lifestyle, I started analyzing what do this people want so we can understand them better.

Part in question are the choices or preferences of each individual that tends to be unacceptable in our society. People generally thought that young individuals look for older individual for more priviledge. The younger individual perceived that older mates have greater resources, wisdom, and/or sexual knowledge. But the magnitude of association with money as their option shows dramatically. They would pursue significantly older men/women for that purpose. With the intention, that they would likely end up acquiring the wealth of the older individual if they die.

Sadly, some oldie might know that but still, they allow themselves because they perceive that younger mates serves as their trophy or status symbol. They also allow it in exchange of companionship or sexual favors… hmmph tis is sorta crazee. well but it is their personal life. However, I will never hesitate to voice my opinion. This older individuals are soon 6ft underground so I can’t understand what is the used of getting younger ones?

Before we squeeze our brain, let us also illustrate more clearly the effects of getting someone atleast your senior, Study says that older males are searching for a more serious relationship compare with the same-age. For this reason, the progression of sexual intercourse between the two is high, and therefore the younger individuals are at high risk of sexual activity, that may result largely to unwanted pregnacy or any sexually transmitted diseases.

Other studies suggest relationship with bigger age gap ain’t working smoothly. Being with each other they will begin seeing all sides of the person, and they will know that they are completely opposite because of their age gaps.

Another study shows that a first sexual intercourse at ages 11-12 with a partner five or more years older had an elevated result of attempting suicide, substance abuse and pregnancy while ages of 13-15 is associated with truancy, in contrast a sexual intercourse at age 16- 18 was not linked to any negative outcomes.

Moreover, study shows that a women who marry men seven to nine years younger than they are increase their mortality risk by 20%, while a man who marry much younger wives increases their life expectancy.

Now, before we say anything along the lines, like the choices of this people are unreasonable, gold digger, they are looking for a father/mother figure, or one of them might be an opportunist. Let us give them a benefit of a doubt. Maybe their life was at the worse state when they met the guy, girl or gay and those individuals supported them financially and give them a peachy life. They want to return the favor done to them, and as time goes time goes by, perhaps love develop.

We all know that no truer words that can describe the real reason why a man and a woman come together for a relationship. But It is important to note that perhaps just perhaps Loves bind them. If love is the main reason that binds them they should outweigh the multitude of negative connotations and proves that they are not after those thingies.

Troll, chickenhawk, cougar, toy boy/boy toy, sugar daddy or sugar mommy, puma, MILF( mother/mom I’d like/love to F*), manther, Lolita, jailbait, gold digger, trout, cradle robber and May December Romance However we call it, we should not judge them quickly. Of course we don’t want to be in their shoe. So, I guess we should look past the society judgmental mind and see the two couples being in love with each other. Besides, They know exactly what they are doing so we have no right to meddle. We can only meddle if one of them is not at legal age of consent.