Do-It-Yourself Surgery

Do-It Yourself Surgery or DIY sparks interest of many people especially those who are not contented with themselves or having mental problems. In some cases, people who do not have health insurance and can not pay their hospital bills may opt for this alternative. They watch various do-it-yourself tutorials in youtube or buy books or visit any website that instructs and show them the method of DIY. It is really frightening and disturbing.

This people who are uploading and teaching people to perform various types of surgery from circumcision, inguinal orchiectomy ( removal of one or both the testicle) , abdominal surgery, injecting silicone (botox) in their faces, butts or breast, brain surgery, Trepanation, dentistry, ankle implant are bypassing medical procedures. They are not thinking of the major health risk involved if somebody perform this kind of medical procedure with themselves.

If you are attempting to follow the detailed DIY videos, You must know that this will lead to an enormous side effect. Sadly, some were not fortunate enough to survive and it cost them their life. There are many documented deaths of DIY surgery one e.g Oscar Taylor football coach of University of California, He operated a growth in his nose that lead to his death.

Remember you are not qualified to perform any surgical procedures. Besides, If you will analyze surgical doctors spend years for the mastery of their profession or craft, but still there were instances that they were accussed of medical malpractice. What more “you” who doesn’t know anything in the medical field.

Before you perform any DIY surgery, think of the significant drawbacks, It is not worth it to have disfigured, deformed body and most of all it is not worth your life.

Do not performed any surgical procedure to yourselves.